Web service can not start on AIX server in Sagent Dataflow

Product Feature: WebService
The possible cause of the problem could be that web service is not able to map the hostname to the IP address of the machine. Things that need to be taken care are:

Scenario 1: In case of fresh installation 
  1. Enter the computer that will host the Data Flow Server< [sinapp1] >  <Put IP address of machine instead of Hostname>
  2. Keep all ports as default ports. 
For example: 
Server Install Directory ..... : /app/EST/sag68
Server Installation Owner .... : sagent
Server Install System ........ :
Daemon Service Name and Port # : Service saad_dmn, Port 16380
Server Service Name and Port # : Service sadcagnt, Port 31857
Web Service Name and Port # .. : Service sawebservice, Port 18083
Server Install System ........ :
Scenario 2: If the installation is already done and web service is not running.
Export registry and change IP address for Hostname.
Steps to take export of registry: 
  • Go to the location "<Sagent installed directory>/
  • <Run:   . ./.sagentrc>
  1. Go to the location "<Sagent installed directory>/mw/"
  2. Check for the directory /mw/bin-aix4_64_optimized 
  3. Go inside this directory.
  4. Run command [Export command: regedit -c -e uRegTemp.reg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Sagent\\DataMart
  5. Take back up of file exported "uRegTemp.reg"
  6. Made below changes to exported file properly. 
"AgentMachine"="sinapp1"  <Replace with IP of machine>

       7. Import file using command [./regedit -c uRegTemp.reg]
       8. Restart DFS service

UPDATED:  August 29, 2017