How to populate a column with the starting and ending coordinates of a polyline in MapInfo Pro

products affected: MapInfo Pro™,MapBasic™
To resolve:
  1. Via Table > Maintenance > Table Structure, create four columns on the table to hold the coordinates (IE: StartNodeX, StartNodeY, EndNodeX, EndNodeY) and make sure that the type is Float
  2. Go to Table > Update Column, ensure the following values contain:
    1. Table = <Table_Name>
    2. Column = StartNodeX
    3. Get value from = <same table as point 2.1)
    4. Value = ObjectGeography(obj, 1)
    5. Click OK
This will update each polyline in the table with the x coordinate for the first node. Repeat this for each of the three other columns (StartNodeY, EndNodeX, EndNodeY). Use the values below as reference:
StartNodeX - ObjectGeography(obj, 1)
StartNodeY - ObjectGeography(obj, 2)
EndNodeX - ObjectGeography(obj, 3)
EndNodeY - ObjectGeography(obj, 4)
The ObjectGeography() function is documented further in the MapBasic Help if further information is required.
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019