How to enable Spectrum WFS Service to return the bounding box of individual selected objects

Products affected: Spectrum™
How to make Spectrum LIM WFS service return the bounding box of individual selected objects?

Changes need to be done in the WFSConfiguration Spetrum WebDAV. For example, if mapping the Spectrum WebDAV as Z drive, then please do the following:
- navigate to Z:\Configuration
- edit the WFSConfiguration file
- Scroll down to the FeatureType definition where you want to enable to feature bounding box
- Make a new line above the <ResourcePath> … </ResourcePath>
- Add the following <WriteFeatureBounds>true</WriteFeatureBounds>
- Restart the Spectrum Server
When making the call again, there are two bounds being returned by the service. One if for the whole Feature type Name or the whole dataset and the other bounding box will be one for the selected feature.
Moreover, there is also an xml definition template for WFSConfiguration file which contain possible entries for WFSConfiguration file and it can be found in the Spectrum installation folder (…\Spectrum\server\modules\spatial\samples\schema\WFSConfiguration_v1.xsd).
UPDATED:  September 11, 2017