Various states of a Mailpiece in EngageOne Inform

Product Affected: EngageOne™ Inform (formerly known as Mail360 Data Manager™/EngageOne™ Delivery Audit

Following information is displayed in the EngageOne™ Inform (formerly known as Mail360 Data Manager™/EngageOne™ Delivery Audit
 web interface after searching a Mailpiece:
1. Name — The name of the recipient of the mailpiece
2. Address — The address to which the mailpiece was addressed
3. Enterprise Keys 1–3 — Any enterprise information associated with themailpiece
4. Mailing Date — The date on which the mailpiece was mailed
5. Status — The current status of the mailpiece, which could be any of the following:
  • New — A new mailpiece was created.
  • Prepared — A new mailpiece was created, but has not yet shipped.
  • Spoiled — The mailpiece was damaged.
  • Mailed — The mailpiece has not yet reached the recipient.
  • Forwarded — The mailpiece has not reached the recipient, but there is a change of address for that recipient.
  • Delivered — The mailpiece was delivered to recipient.
  • Undeliverable — The mailpiece cannot be delivered to the specified address, nor can it be forwarded to a new address.

Note: For detailed information about Mailpiece status and Postal Tracking, refer 'Information for Outbound Mailpieces' and 'Information for Inbound Mailpieces' section in EngageOne Inform User Guide.
UPDATED:  September 30, 2019