How should a Large Volume Receiver (LVR) address be handled by Canadian CODE-1 Plus according to SERP rules

Products Affected:  Canadian CODE-1 Plus
Below is an explanation of the SERP ruling on how addresses deemed as LVRs (Large Volume Receivers) should be handled  by Canadian CODE-1 Plus.  For instance, the following address returns a GRC  of N:

 LVR Name:
 Address 2:
 Address 1: 3625-1 PLACE VILLE-MARIE
Postal Code: H3B4M4
  Matched Addr: 3625-1 PLACE VILLE-MARIE
City, Prov PCD: MONTREAL QC  H3B 4M4
       Command:                                                            Mid
                   Houses on PLACE VILLE-MARIE, MONTREAL QC
LN     House Range  E/O  Unit Range    LVR/Government Dept         Postal Code
2             1     O  3200-  3299 APARTMENT BLDG                       H3B3Y2
3             1     O  3300-  3399 APARTMENT BLDG                       H3B3N2
4             1     O  3400-  3499 APARTMENT BLDG                       H3B3N6
5             1     O  3500-  3599 APARTMENT BLDG                       H3B3P1
6             1     O  3600-  3699 APARTMENT BLDG                       H3B3P2

N indicates:

N: Address did not match the database but was considered valid (LVR or rural postal code). Record written to COK file with input address in place of standardized address

From the SERP document:   
Large Volume Receiver (LVR)
The software must not change the Postal Code on any incoming address that contains a valid LVR Postal Code (record type B, C, D, E, or F). On the basis of a valid LVR code these addresses are assumed to be valid and no correction is recommended. However, CPC recognizes the customer demand for standardization and the SERP Participant will be given the option of validating, or correcting components within the address when a unique address can be determined. However, if it is a valid LVR code, the Postal Code must never be changed.

Canadian CODE-1 Plus has chosen to correct the address if we can within the rules.  When we cannot correct the address, then the GRC will contain an “N”.  However, we cannot/will not ever change a Postal Code that has been identified by CPC to be an LVR Postal Code. 
UPDATED:  August 31, 2017