Address/Return Code output differences between online and batch in Canadian CODE-1 Plus

Products Affected:  Canadian CODE-1 Plus
 Address/return code differences may occur between batch and on-line output due to the following:

–Batch processing (through the C6BM00 batch driver and C6MATCHO) uses PoCAD to validate and correct address records.

–Interactive screen-based processing (through C6MATCH) continues to use PCAD data to validate and correct address records.

Postal Code [Range] Address Data (PCAD) and Point of Call Address Data (PoCAD) address coding and correction – Starting January 17, 2011, mail delivered in Canada requires processing through PoCAD, which provides detailed information for suite and apartment numbers and extends the content of the current Postal Code (PCAD) range data. PoCAD helps provide addresses containing greater detail and enhanced identification of incorrect or incomplete addresses.
UPDATED:  June 18, 2019