How to insert a tab stop in Doc1 Designer and EngageOne Interactive Editor

Product Feature: Document Editor
Operating System: Not stated
The initial indent for numbering and bullet sections is determined by the location of the first tab stop. You can create one in either Designer or the Interactive Editor by two different methods:

To insert a tab stop

Click the tab selector on the ruler until the required tab stop is shown. Then click on the ruler at the position where you want to place the tab stop. The tab stop will be inserted on the ruler.
– or –
On the Format menu click Tabs. The Tabs page of the Paragraph dialog box will be displayed. Specify a tab stop and click Add.

For more details see the relevant sections in the Designer Users Guide, "Tab Stops" and "Bullets and numbering". For the 6.0.1835 (6.0M6) release of the docs, those are on p.46, and p.48 respectively.
UPDATED:  November 3, 2017