How to add ESRI ArcSDE layers in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Mapping
Confirm® supports a direct connection to ArcSDE, you will however need to add a specific connection string for the connection to work. In order to configure the connection in Confirm and to be able to add ArcSDE layers you will need to take the following steps:

1.   In Confirm open the Map Workspace Manager

Image showing how to select Map Workspace Manager

2.   Click the Add layers to workspace tool and select ESRI ArcSDE

Image showing how to select Add Layers To Workspace

3.   You will now be prompted to configure the Connection Details:

Image showing how to configure Connection Details

Server: Enter the name of the database server you wish to use.
Service: In this field you will need to use the following connection string, modified with your chosen database server:
sde:sqlserver:<SERVERNAME> (replace <SERVERNAME> with the actual server name).
Database: Specify which database to use.
Username: Enter the username to be used.
Password: Enter the password that corresponds to the username above.

4.   Click the Connect button.

If everything is in order a list of available layers will be displayed and available to select.
UPDATED:  November 17, 2017