Performing roadway grade modeling of Paramics network

Product Feature: Modeller
In order to perform roadway grade modeling in Paramics network, a Gradient (%) can be specified for the selected link. The value is input as a percentage and affects the acceleration and deceleration of all vehicles. The gradient will automatically be calculated if either node is given an elevation (z-coordinate).

The TWOPAS gradient model is based on research from FHWA into gradients for truck/HGV hill climbing. The algorithm takes account of the following characteristics (5 default bandings assumed):
  • Vehicle weight,
  • Frontal area,
  • Power to weight ratio,
  • Node elevation,
  • gradient and Net horse power.
To use the TWOPAS option navigate to 'Core network attributes -> Advanced -> Options' and select from the list provided.
UPDATED:  October 10, 2019