How to find the answer to HTML email Solution & eMessgaging queries regarding DOC1v4.5 Mainframe version

Product Feature: Application Layout Editor
1. Does DOC1v4.5 mainframe version supports creating HTML output with rich contents. 

Please refer section HTML in Designer Guide that describes what is supported in 4.5.
PFA the same.

2. Is there any issues with HTML output. 

PFA production guide explaining HTML ISSUES.

3. Do we need to create a separate publication (EAR, EOL, EDF) to produce HTML output for email body message content. 

With regard to the rules created from Doc1 (ear, eol, edf etc), these are print stream agnostic, but the production run needs to be set up for the various print streams, again, the options should all be found in the documentation. 

4. Please confirm whether eMessaging supports the files that is generated via DOC1v4.5 mainframe version. 

The e-Messaging solution can process content formatted by Designer (Version 4 or later)

5. I hope it is possible to send email from Mainframe using SMTP method with MIME standard to send the HTML email and an attachment to the customer. 
But what are the key advantages of using eMessaging for sending emails. 

E-messaging is email client.It has all the features that email client has.For example Microsoft outlook etc.

6. What is the basic System configuration required for eMessaging? 
This should be available in e-Messaging guide depending on version of E messaging used.

For any further information contact Technical Support.
UPDATED:  November 3, 2017