How to create a 3D MAP using “.GRD” extension file in Mapinfo Professional


1. Choose Tools > Tool Manager.

2. Select the Loaded check box next to the Grid Tools tool.

3. Choose Tools > Grid Tools > Create MapInfo Grid from Other Grid File.

4. Select the input and output grid files and the color file. Click Browse to navigate to their respective locations. Here input file will be .GRD file

5. Select the Relief Shade check box to activate relief shading for the converted grid file.

6. Click Relief Shade Options.

7. The Relief Shade Options dialog box opens.

8. Specify the angle of the light source and the vertical scale factor.

9. Select the Open and Map Grid File check box to have MapInfo Professional display the grid in a Map window.

10. Click OK.
Note: Steps 5 to 8 are optional and it depends on user’s requirement.
UPDATED:  August 25, 2017