Resolve how the geocoding function works within Anysite 9.x

product affected: Anysite™
  • Geocoding within Anysite does exact matching only with no fallback.
  • It will do an interactive geocode to allow the user to select the correct address.
  • There is a Skip button to allow the user to process all data at one time.
  • There is no "Result Code" written into the data.  Only the point gets created.
  • There is no Lat\Long date written into to data.
  • In the code, the data is addressed one record at a time so that is why it takes longer to process large files relative to MapMarker.
If a user needs fallback to zip and use the very latest data, the only option is to geocode outside of Anysite using the full version of MapMarker.
UPDATED:  September 13, 2017