Downloading Pitney Bowes Software products using the eStore

Products Affected:   MailStream Plus™ and any software that downloads software and databases from eStore
Product Feature: General
Operating System: All Platforms

To locate a product on the eStore use the special eStore link to locate that product (this will be provided either through fulfillment or technical support). A second product can be included in the same download by selecting the eStore download link required. 

The eStore webpages do not offer searching for multiple products.  

To enable the download, the user requesting this must be registered in the system.  The link provided will steer the user through this process.

If at any time the screen is asking for a credit care, make sure you have not checked one of the following:

  • Backup Media
  • Extended Download Service
Removing these will remove the screen asking for credit card information. 

* Note for MailStream Plus™ starting with the Nov. 2018 Postal Reference files, the greenbar will now be zipped up with the database files. 
UPDATED:  May 23, 2019