How to open a MapInfo Pro Workspace created on a different machine

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
Workspace files can be opened in Notepad or other simple text editor for viewing. 

The *.wor file viewed in Notepad contains hard-coded reference paths to specific MapInfo tables (*.tab, along with other supporting file extensions of - *.dat, *.map, *.id and sometimes *.ind) that the workspace instructions are trying to find and open.

To resolve the referenced tables that the workspace is trying to find, try the following:

1. Make a copy of the *.wor file and then Open the Workspace in Notepad by right-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer and selecting "open with..." and choose Notepad from a list of programs making sure to UNcheck the box that mentions ..."to always use" that program.

2. Edit all references path of the table by the location in which the data is stored in the new machine.
For example:
- The workspace references a path to MyTable on the original machine as:
but, on the new machine, the file path is now:

Make sure that All supporting file extensions have been copied to the new machine or a server location that can be accessed.
Change the path in notepad to point to the new location on the new machine or server location for the various tables being referenced by the workspace when viewed in Notepad.

3.Save the Notepad file selecting the file type of "All files *.*" instead of *.txt and make sure to keep the .wor file extension.

4. Test by opening the Workspace in MapInfo.
UPDATED:  December 4, 2019