Validating indexes in EngageOne Vault

To validate that everything in docdata and pagedata are indexed and there is no issue with indexes:
  1. Use .check files for each job and look at the loader log file for any errors.
    tools\vaultflag.bat check *
    start checking [20000115-linearaccounts-0-0]
    ERROR 18045: key [<File Name>] not found in index [linearaccounts2u\comtype.dru]... 
    finished checking [20000115-linearaccounts-0-0]
  2. Use "e2util -ze <drdfile>" for each drd file.
    e2util -ze docdata\20000115-linearaccounts-0-0.drd | more
    0004 2000/01/17 15 Henry Llams 750 Rogriguez Line, Cobourg, Ont. [1 ERRORS]
    0007 2000/01/18 8 Lindsay Sterett 585 Mccollister Avenue, Drummondville, Que. [1 ERRORS]
    0009 2000/01/04 10 Etta Stastny 756 Warmbrodt Road, Apt 51, Courtenay, B.C. [1 ERRORS]
    0018 2000/01/16 11 Julianna Hissem 562 Cope Parkway, Edmonton, Alta. [1 ERRORS]
    0031 2000/01/16 10 Lizbeth Langel 746 Conda Avenue, Apt 51, Rivi?re-du-Loup, Que. [1 ERRORS]
    A variant of this is to add the '1' switch (-ze1 or -z1) so it only checks the first document which for a large number of documents will be faster at the expense of completeness.
    e2util -z1 docdata\20000115-linearaccounts-0-0.drd
    11:46:11 Vault Utility 7.1E0p0016
    11:46:11 (C) Copyright 1993-2013 Pitney Bowes Software Inc.
    11:46:11 Vault Utility licenced to [Vault Test Suite]
    0000 2000/01/02 10 Margherita Beelar 74 Collozo Street, Prince George, B.C. [OK]
For more information, refer section 'databasecheck' in the 'Vault Customizing Guide' shipped as a part of the installer.
UPDATED:  January 22, 2020