How to use a custom symbol as a Named Style for a coordinate point in Spectrum Spatial or the Spectrum Location Intelligence Module

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
First you must create the images and then .zip them up.

Once the .zip is created, replace the .zip location with a .jar file extension.

Alternatively, the .jar file can be created using the JDK .jar utility.

After the Java Archive .jar file is created, you will need to place the .jar in the 
\server\modules\spatial\lib directory.

The server must then be stopped and restarted before the Spectrum LIM can see the .jar file in the \spatial\lib directory.

Following a Spectrum server restart, you can refer to the image you created using the .jar path in your SOAP request when calling the named style.

Below is an example of how to call a PointStyle in a SOAP request:

<Bitmap height="14" unit="mapinfo:length pt" uri="/SampleCustomLogo.PNG"/>

Sample NamedStyles can be referenced in the Samples/NamedStyles directory in the Spatial Repository.

Save the new NamedStyle reference in the Spatial Repository, then call the NamedStyle by referencing it in a request.
UPDATED:  October 18, 2017