Creating S58/S85 Notices in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm
Section 58 and 85 restrictions are held in the Site Register in Confirm. These are configured against a Site's Designation record and can be accessed via the Site form's Other Button > Designation.

When a Section 58/85 Designation is saved, the 'Send To' button is enabled which allows you to specify a list of applicable Organisations to notify. You may utilise Organisation Recipient Groups to batch update this list. The restrictions (or updates to) will be sent from Confirm when the Street Works Agent runs. Any issues/errors are contained within the Transfer Text when opening the list of recipients via the 'Send To' button.

When creating a notice in Confirm via the Street Works Wizard, these restrictions are available to view in the Dates and Designations section. In addition, when review incoming notices, this information can be found in the Street Works form under the Coordination tab.

NOTE: In order to successfully update an existing Section 58 Notice
, altering the Comments field after changing the drop-down options from 'Proposed' to 'In Force' (or 'Cancelled') is required to trigger the update.
UPDATED:  August 5, 2019