Nethasp installation and troubleshooting in Paramics

Product Feature: Installation
Two or more machines are required for setup of this environment (server and client architecture). Ensure both the server and client machine are in the same LAN environment.

Server Installation instructions:
  • Ensure a NETHASP key (dongle) is used in your server machine. It should be red, not purple.
  • Install 'Hasp License Manager' on the Server PC that the NETHASP key will be plugged into.
  • Ensure 'License Manager' is running as a service by typing services.msc in run prompt.
  • Install 'Aladdin Monitor' and ensure Nethasp is seen in monitor.
  • Start HL services by going to services.msc, so it is visible on monitor.
Client Installation Instructions:
  • Install 'MonitorSetup' on the client machines that will be running Paramics. This usually installs to 'C:/Program Files/Aladdinmonitoraksmonitor.exe'
  • Now copy the NETHASP.INI file into the client machine at path: 'C:/Program Files/Paramics_Directory' or the system32 directory.
  • Now copy the updated license.dat (File shared by LIcensing or Support team) at client machine into the Paramics Directory i.e. 'Start Menu -> ParamicsV6 -> Support -> Data Directory'.
  • Check for errors on License Manager by clicking 'Activity Log'.
  • A firewall may be blocking the broadcast ports. Open port 475 TCP and UDP.
  • Also, disable the firewalls on both machines to see if this resolves the problem. Remember there may be more than one firewall (ie OS firewall + 3rd party firewall).
  • Further the NETHASP.INI can also be modified in following ways:
  1. Disable broadcast and specify an IP address of the NETHASP Server (This is specific while using a Wide Area network and the nethasp server is not local to client machine).
  2. Try changing TCP to UDP. Paramics V6 only supports UDP and TCP is no longer supported. Make sure you are using the correct license manager.
  • If above steps does not resolve the issues, the nethasp.ini file on the client machine can be used to point to the Server IP Via entry NH_SERVER_ADDR in the nethasp.ini file.
UPDATED:  October 3, 2019