How to Handle PBS Hosted Striata cases

How to I handle it when I receive a case for e2 Hosted Striata issues?

1) Make sure the case Category is set to "Hosting" and the Case Reason is set correctly to either
     a) Missing or Incorrect Data
     b) Outage
     c)  User Access Isssues
2) Make sure that the case Product is set to "PBS Hosted" and the "Product Feature is set to either
     a) e2 AM
     b) e2 Vault
     c)  iProof
3)  Make sure that the severity is set correctly
4)   These cases are different than normal PBS Hosted issues in two ways.
      a) they are reported by an automated email process.  No human is logging these tickets
      b) Vishal Shah vets these cases, either handling them himself or passing them on to the operations team
5)  Email Vishal Shah with the case number and the details from the automated message, copying the group address, along with Daniel Sorensen ( letting him know that the case has been created.
6) Vishal might say that he's handling it.  If so, communicate with him until the case can be closed.

7) If Vishal says that this case is for operations, raise a JIRA with them in the normal manner.
8) Liase with operations and Vishal as needed, until the case has been resolved.
UPDATED:  September 25, 2017