Exponare - Nearmaps Tile Server configuration

Product Feature:  Enquiry Tile Map
Exponare can display maps provided by Nearmaps. Before beginning the configuration, a login and password for Nearmaps is required. This would have been provided by Nearmaps when a user purchases an account with NearMaps.
The configuration is as follows:

1. In Exponare configuration manager, add an entry under "Tile layer". Set "Tile Server URL" as https://www.nearmap.com/maps/&x={ROW}&y={COL}&z={LEVEL}&nml=Vert&username=YourUsername &password=YourPswd.Replace NearMaps login/password in the URL with actual login/password provided by Nearmaps for the account.

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2. Change the projection of .mws file via WorkSpace manager. Nearmaps layer can only be applied to work-contexts that are in 'Popular Visualization'. If the tile layer is applied to work-contexts which are using other projections, Enquiry shows a message that it cannot apply Tile Layer. To do this, open the .mws file in workspace manager. Click on the “coordinate system” tab and change the projection to "Popular Visualization".
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3. Open  the Exponare web.config file, normally under C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Exponare\Server in notepad. Search for "nearmap" and verify that the username and password listed here is the correct one. The key we are looking for is as follows:    
<add key="NearMap" value="https://app.nearmap.com/api/0/checkaccess?username=customername&amp;password=customerpassword&amp;nmf=xml" />
Change the username and password parts to match your Nearmaps account credentials.

4. Perform IIS reset.

Once configured, the tile layers are available in the menu within Exponare Enquiry.
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Enquiry users will be able to view photography as per below.
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UPDATED:  July 7, 2020