How to change the log settings to reduce their size in EngageOne Vault

Product Feature: General
We can set the log file to be minimal to reduce log size.

The following will be the settings :

Step 1:



quiet=1 #only logging important messages, default is 0

verbose=1 # logging every messages, default is 0

Customer should try Quiet mode.

Step 2: 
you can reduce the volume of messages by adding the following lines to each of the [router1], [connection1] and [connection2] sections


Those two setting (requestloglevel and resultloglevel) seem to be the only setting that would make a difference here, It should reduce the log size created by about 40 percent for a clean log. If there are lots of errors and retries that are being reported, then that number will be lower.
UPDATED:  November 3, 2017