Is it possible to use Doc1 V3\V4 on Windows 7 or Windows 10

Product Feature: General
None of the V4.x releases are certified to run on Windows 7 or Windows 10, but in theory it should work with certain restrictions.  Doc1 V3.x will not install on a Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

If you currently have this installed in the c:\program files directory, you will need to install to a different location on any local drive (not anything like the Windows folder either), as in Windows 7 and Windows 10, these folders are restricted because of the additional security in place.  The additional security will cause problems with operation.

You will be unable to preview using these version of Doc1 and Windows 7 or Windows 10 directly. We do have a patch for V4.5, but this will not be recreated for the earlier releases. 

You will be able to build rules, and run production though.

It is possible to install XP Mode if using Windows 7 but this is not available on Windows 10.  This will install a virtual XP machine local to your Win7 environment, and in this environment, preview will function as normal.
UPDATED:  June 6, 2019