Learn about dynamic assignment of vehicles in Paramics

Dynamic Assignment allows familiar vehicles within Paramics to alter their routes as they progress along their route.

The proportion of familiar drivers is defined in the Core Network Attributes -> Vehicle Types -> Advanced -> Demand & Assignment. The Familiarity percentage is the probability that each vehicle released is a familiar vehicle.

Using Dynamic Feedback, familiar vehicles route through the network using Route Cost Tables that are appropriate with respect to the restrictions and their vehicle type. By looking two intersections in advance, familiar vehicles have the opportunity to have their route choice changed if the feedback costs changes over time. In this way, depending on the parameters used familiar vehicles will re-route avoiding possible congestion in the network.

Dynamic Assignment is only available to familiar drivers unless the "Core Network Attributes -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Assignment -> Turning Penalties Visible to All" is toggled on.
UPDATED:  June 15, 2017