installing the NCOALink downloaded database on IBMi using Verimove

Operating System: iSeries, IBMi

In order to install the downloaded NCOALink databases on an IBMi platform, customers should request a file from a windows/unix download of Verimove from Technical Support.  The file will need to be unzipped on a PC and the setup file will need to be executed.  The setup will ask for basic information including the install key:
Once installed, go to the Verimove install location and into the Tables folder to edit the explode.bat script (the explode.bat is discussed in the Open Systems Installation Guide).  
It is required to unzip (untar) the downloaded database to a location on your PC and edit the explode.bat script as follows:
@echo off
 rem *** This script allows you to run explode_query.bat in a
rem *** non interactive mode.  Simply modify the following
rem *** set commands to the desired values:
rem *** Specify the source DVD drive:
set DVDPATH=  
 rem *** Specify where you want the NCOALink database installed.
rem *** If it does not exist already, it will be created:

rem *** The following settings only pertain to flat file databases
rem *** and are ignored otherwise:
rem *** MVSONLY should be set to Y if this database is only going to be used on MVS
rem *** FLATSINGLE should be set to Y if a single flat file database is to be used.
rem *** FLATATOZ should be set to Y if a 26 flat file A-Z database is to be used.
rem *** Execute the installation script:
call explode_query.bat
Once the files are “exploded”, please follow these instructions:

1.       Create a temp folder on IFS
2.       Copy the exploded files to this temporary folder and then follow the steps in the NLCPDB00/ NLCPDB00  below:
08/20/2014           Replace with screen heading desired              NLCPDB00
Enter database installation options, press Enter
To install a new database, first run explode.dat, then copy the resulting  files to a folder on the IFS.
Source IFS folder  . .                                  Like: /VeriMoveTemp
 Target library . . . .
Existing files in Target library will be replaced!
Press F6 to install the files from the IFS to the Target library. A job called INSTDB will be submitted to batch. When the process completes, the
 files on the IFS may be deleted.
UPDATED:  April 4, 2017