Stopping a Street Works Notice in Confirm being sent to a specific Organisation

Products affected: Confirm
If a Street Works Notice in Confirm includes an Organisation on the Contacts tab which should not receive further updates, notifications to this Organisation can be suspended.

On the Contacts tab there is a Suspended checkbox for each Recipient.  These are for display and cannot be ticked/unticked directly.

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To stop the Notice being sent to an Organisation highlight it in the Recipients pane and select the Suspend Notification button.  This will then show a tick in the Suspended checkbox for that Recipient.
The behavior of the Suspend Notification function is that it will suspend notification to that recipient from the current Notice onward. But if you create another new Notice, such as a second Defective Apparatus, on the same Street Works you have to suspend the notification again. To do that, complete the second Defect Apparatus Notice with all the recipients and as soon as you save it got to the Contacts tab, select the Suspend Notification button for the Organisation(s) you do not want to send to and save the changes.
UPDATED:  April 25, 2019