How to determine a failed Street Works Inspection

Products affected: Confirm
If a Street Works Inspections fails to send for whatever reason, Confirm will try to resend the Inspection up to the number of retries specified in the Street Work Initiation System Settings.

The error messages are logged within Confirm, much like the errors you will see displayed on the Transfers Tab for Notices and Comments.

As of Confirm v15, this information can be found when clicking the "Send To" button on the Inspection form. Towards the bottom of the "Batch Recipients" screen you will see the Transfer Issues section.

This screen also displays the Sent and Processed Date for each Organisation listed. The Processed Date is received upon receipt of the Inspection from the receiving systems EToN Web Service. The Processed Date field can also be found on the Inspection form in the top-right corner. If this is blank then it would indicate that there was an issue with sending/receiving the Inspection, of which the reason will be shown in the Transfer Issues.
UPDATED:  November 6, 2019