CONFIRM: How Inspections goes to Printed Export Status

Product Feature: Street Works

The Printed status in the Inspection will only show when the Inspection Report is printed before the Export actually happened.

Once the Inspection is in Printed status then it cannot be electronically transferred. This is also mentioned in the Help file. Extract below:

To be Processed - The Inspection has not been sent or printed yet.

Printed - An Inspection Report has been printed for this Inspection. Inspections with this Export Status will not be electronically transferred. (not in help file - To force these to export electronically use the 'Resend Inspection Batch' functionality to resend the required batch, this will allow subsequent inspections to be sent electronically).

Not to be Exported - This Status will be set in the following conditions:

Confirm is in Initiation mode. This is the case when Confirm has Module 3420 (SWR - Street Works Initiation) enabled and not Module 3400 (SWR - Street Works Register).
When an Unattributable Inspection has no recipients. Updating the Inspection and clicking Save displays the following warning: “Do you wish to update the Export Status on the associated Inspection?”. Clicking Yes to this message will update the Status to 'To be Processed'. Clicking No to this message will leave the Status as 'Not To Be Exported'.
When an Adhoc Inspection is transferred from the Device. Adding a recipient will update the Status to 'To be Processed'.
If the Inspection has been imported into Confirm via EToN.
Passed Inspections that have an 'Apply Charge' of 'Never' specified on their Inspection Category.
Exported - Indicates that the EToN Agent has successfully created the Inspection text file in the Export Directory, and therefore ready for the FTP Manager to send it to the Recipient.

To be Re-exported - The system will set this status when the Resend Inspection Batch utility includes this Inspection.

Export Failed - The Inspection details could not be exported. A possible reason for this is the System Agent detected inconsistencies between the Items and the Outcome set for the Inspection. These will need to be resolved before the Inspection can be sent.
UPDATED:  August 23, 2017