Redirect temporary files location while running EngageOne Generate

EngageOne® Generate (also known as DOC1 Generate) executes on various host platforms to create output files.  Along with output files, it creates temporary files during the run, but after successful execution, these files are automatically deleted.  Please note that if using anything like rotated text boxes or enhanced charts (chart director), it will create a temporary image (in JPG format) and place these in the temp location.  This would mean that if the publication contains a single plug-in chart, and the input data set contains 5,000 customer data sets, 5,000 temporary images would be placed in this location.

By default, these files are created in system temporary space. For instance, on Windows and Unix  it would be the local user temp location. For Windows, the temporary (temp) location can be found by going to command prompt and typing echo %temp%. This will give the location of the local user temp directory.

Should there be a need to change the location of temporary files due to insufficient space, permissions or other security reasons, this can be specified in the Advanced section of the ops file or in the Custom section of the production job, below is an example of how this would be entered in an ops file:


If 'SystemTempFiles' is 'Yes', default system temp space is used.
If 'SystemTempFiles' is 'No', location of temp files created will be taken from 'Workspace'.

The Production Guide (shipped with product) provides the details of this setting. but the latest version of this can also be downloaded from the following location:
UPDATED:  November 9, 2018