Importing a terrain model into Paramics

Product Feature: Modeller
Create terrain overlays or mesh overlays to import terrain model into Paramics. The option of 'Import/Export' allows using any 3rd party 3D engineering tool such as AutoCAD’s 3D Civil to translate the imported control points such that they are coincident with the surface network.

User-added image

The process is to create a mesh of the required dimensions and exporting it – the file is exported as a .csv file which can then be imported to the 3rd party tool where the control points can be aligned as needed. The translated control points can then be exported from the 3rd party tool to a .csv file which can then be imported with the coordinates of the imported points then used to translate the mesh control points. At this point, there will be a mesh that reasonably models a surface network.
UPDATED:  October 10, 2019