How to perform batch geocoding for Spectrum OnDemand

product affected: Spectrum™
The Spectrum OnDemand batch geocoding process works as follows:
  1. Upload a data file (for example input.txt) to the SFTP folder.
  2. Once uploaded place a trigger file to the same SFTP folder. The trigger file can be an empty file but should have the same name as the data file but have the extension .trg (for example input.trg). The trigger file should be uploaded after the data file. This is to ensure that the data file is uploaded fully before the trigger file triggers the data file to be sent.
  3. Once the trigger file is uploaded the data file will then be sent to the Spectrum OnDemand service to be geocoded.
  4. Once geocoded the input and output file will be uploaded to the SFTP folder for the customer to download.
UPDATED:  September 15, 2017