KeepConnectionAlive and KeepAliveTime registry parameters in Sagent

Product Feature: Design Studio
On Windows platform, the connection between Design Studio and Data Flow Service gets closed after a time interval specified by the firewall settings set by users. 
This is due to an absence of KeepAlive signals between Design Studio and Data Flow Service. REG_DWORD registry key "KeepConnectionAlive" can be added to control the exchange of "KeepAlive" signals between Design Studio and Data Flow Service. 
If set to 1, KeepAlive signals are exchanged. 
If set to 0, KeepAlive signals are not exchanged. 
The Default Value is 0. 
The Data flow Service needs to be restarted after changing the value of this registry key. 
To control the time interval (in milliseconds) between each Keep Alive Signal, use following REG_DWORD registry key: 
Value Name: KeepAliveTime 
Valid Range: 1 - 0xFFFFFFFF 
Default: 7,200,000 (two hours) 
This registry key controls the frequency with which Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) validates an idle connection by sending a KeepAlive packet.
UPDATED:  April 19, 2017