How to increase the license count available in the Licensing Server Utility (LSU) without interrupting existing licenses

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
The licensing count can be increased with the License Server Utility (LSU) without interruption of existing licenses if the Company is licensed for additional seats.  For example, Company is licensed for at Total of 100 seats but only 50 are activated and reside within the count of the LSU.  Up to 50 additional license seats/count can be activated for that particular license.

1. Open LSU.
2. Go to License>Activate 
3. Fill the serial number, access code and number of license to fetch that do not exceed the total number purchased. (Contact Customer Service or Sales to determine the actual total purchased by the company)
4. Click on 'next' and choose either automatic activation or Email activation and follow the process.
5. This will increase license count in the LSU.
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019