How to understand the "outbound.saveFirstRecipientFromMultipleRecipients" setting in EngageOne Digital Delivery

Product Feature: Operational Settings
Initial Details: According to the file, EMSG-869 introduced a setting as follows:

This property is added to switch on or off the holding of only the first email_id in case of multiple recipients in sent_To field of Outbound_message table. outbound.saveFirstRecipientFromMultipleRecipients=true

However, it is not clear from the documentation what it means when this setting is changed to "false." 

Before this setting was added, if a customer was sending to multiple email addresses in a given "To" field in the DIJ, the number of characters would be greater than the number of characters allowed in the database for that field.  As a result, the record insert would fail.

When this is set to true, if you have a series of email addresses in the "To" field in the DIJ, e.g.,,, etc.; eMessaging will only look at the first email address and then there is no (or at least a very, very small) risk of the email address being longer than the database field allows.

The setting should only be set to "false" if there is it not a one to many relationship between the recipient and the number of email addresses being used for that recipient.
UPDATED:  November 2, 2017