How to make sure that a PS file generated from EngageOne\Doc1 is compatible with a XEROX printer

There are two considerations to bear in mind when creating PostScript for Xerox Printers.
1. Xerox printers do not, generally, support Type42 fonts.
2. Xerox printers are based on the original Metacode Highlight colour printers.

In the device settings for the DOC1 output there is a setting for controlling how fonts are created for PostScript output.
The choices are:
1. Auto and
2. Type1

-->Auto will generate Type42 resources from Windows TrueType fonts.
-->Type1 will convert TrueType fonts to their Type1 equivalent.

When creating an application for a Xerox Highlight colour printer, it is advised to create all colour references as “fully on” colours within Designer.
For example, if you had a printer that had blue ink loaded for the highlight colour, then create your colour reference as (RGB) 0x00, 0x00, 0xff.
This means, no red, no green and 100% blue.
The Xerox PostScript controller will convert this to use the highlight colour installed.

We have quite a number of customers that use Xerox PS printers, without issue, with PostScript generated by DOC1.
UPDATED:  November 2, 2017