How to pass credentials/password in WSDL to Spectrum using Visual Basic/VB

Product Feature: General
Create a Network Credential in a Credential Cache and submit that to the Credential and set PreAuthenticate to true. 

Dim inputAddress(0) As com.g1.staging.input_portAddress
Dim options As New com.g1.staging.options
Dim outputAddress(0) As com.g1.staging.output_portAddress

inputAddress(0) = New com.g1.staging.input_portAddress
outputAddress(0) = New com.g1.staging.output_portAddress

inputAddress(0).AddressLine1 = "200 Cedar St"
inputAddress(0).City = "Seattle"
inputAddress(0).StateProvince = "WA"
inputAddress(0).PostalCode = "98121"
options.OutputCasing = com.g1.staging.OutputCasing.M
options.OutputRecordType = "A"
Dim myCache As New CredentialCache

myCache.Add(New Uri(""), "Basic", New NetworkCredential(UserName,Password))

Using X As New com.g1.staging.GeocodeUSAddress
X.PreAuthenticate = True
X.Credentials = myCache
outputAddress = X.CallGeocodeUSAddress(options, inputAddress)

MsgBox(outputAddress(0).MatchCode + ": " + outputAddress(0).MatchCodeDescription)
MsgBox(outputAddress(0).AddressLine1, outputAddress(0).AddressLine2)
End Using
UPDATED:  October 20, 2017