How to reinstall MapInfo Pro entirely

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
On Windows 10:
1. It is important to return any licenses prior to uninstalling MapInfo Pro to ensure the license can be re-activated successfully after reinstalling. To do this with a node-locked license, open MapInfo Pro and go to Help > Licensing > Transfer license (64-bit, Pro>Licensing>Transfer License).
This will the license back to Pitney Bowes for re-activating after the reinstall.

2. After returning the license please proceed with uninstalling MapInfo Pro via Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
3. Backup and delete the folder:  %AppData%\MapInfo.
4. Backup and delete the folder:  C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo and C:\Program Files\MapInfo for 64-bit versions.
5. Backup and delete ONLY files that start with "unisw20...." inside of the folder: C:\Program Data\FLEXnet.
6. Open the Registry editor (Start > Run > regedit) then proceed to backing up and delete the following keys:
For 32-bit versions:
7. Reboot
8. Re-install MapInfo Pro. Please note when running Windows 7 right-click on the executable and select "Run as Administrator".
9. Once  finished re-installing MapInfo Pro re-activate using the original serial number and access code.  Since the license was returned previously, the same license should be available to re-activate.

UPDATED:  December 4, 2019