How to understand how the Adapter, Manager and Topics work in DOC1 Document Composition Service

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
In DCS the topic is used as signalling between the adapters and the manager, during normal operation, the DCS manager maintains a list of running adapters and the publications that they are configured to handle.

During startup, the adapters generate a unique key and sends that plus its list of publications to the manager via the topic.

When a request arrives at the manager, it queries its list to determine whether there is an adapter to handle the request, if so, then the manager targets that adapter to handle the request (via the request queue).

If no response is received within 30 seconds, the manager repeats the request without targeting a specific adapter.

Meanwhile, the failed request causes the specified adapter to be removed from the list, if a response is received from another adapter, then the manager will update its list, as required.

If no response is received to this second request after 30 seconds, then the request is failed.

When an adapter is gracefully shutdown, it will inform the manager (via the topic) that it is no longer available to service requests.
UPDATED:  November 2, 2017