How to find out if the PDF output device supports ICC color profile in EngageOne and DOC1 Designer

Product Feature: Designer
1. PDF outputs don't maintain or embed an image's ICC profile as per User Guide.
However selecting a Color management check box in AFP output device will embed an image’s ICC profile in the output datastream in CMR (Color Management Resource) format. This can improve the color quality of the image on printers that support it.
Note : This is all dependent on the compatibility of the printer.
PDF output supports 24bitRGB and 32bitCYMK color formats.
2. Preserve Color space option allows JPEG images to be included directly in the PDF output and will convert TIFF images to JPEG.
This may be important if the images used by your application have been created with a CMYK color space rather than RGB. If this option is not checked all images will be converted to BMP format.
UPDATED:  November 2, 2017