How to configure a new machine for running MapInfo Professional regarding hardware optimizations

Products affected: MapInfo Professional®, MapInfo Pro™ 
MapInfo Professional® (MIPro) performance can be affected by hardware components such as:
  • Faster video card
  • Larger on-board CPU cache
  • Faster processor
  • More RAM
  • Faster RAM (bus)
Many factors such as Hard Drive speed, CPU speed, etc. have an impact on MIPro performance but it is hard to place them in a specific  order of influence, as we do not track specific performance metrics in regards to fine tuning via component upgrades.

MapInfo Professional is a very hard drive intensive program so anything that speeds up HD performance will speed up MIPro. 
As with all Windows programs, the more RAM available, the less swapping to the hard drive that would need to occur so programs run faster. Amount of RAM is especially important if users utilize large rasters within MIPro, as they are Ram-intensive files. Larger amount of RAM also helps with object processing operations.
Similarly, user's would see a benefit by increasing the CPU speed to a degree but increases in hard drive performance and RAM would most likely yield a greater "bang for the buck".
Any video card should ideally have OpenGL support since MI Pro uses OpenGL for its 3D rendering and a dedicated card, not shared memory, which will also decrease RAM capabilities, is recommended. 
MapInfo Professional is available as 32bit application where some of the features have already enhanced to support  64bit (especially to use more RAM) to increase performance. The new 64bit version (12.5.x) has been released in 
autumn 2014 with a complete re-design to better use 64bit capabilities. Since 2017 MapInfo Pro™ is just available as 64 bit version to utilise 64bit capabilities most qualified.  

Besides these general recommendations we can't recommend any specific hardware.
UPDATED:  December 4, 2019