How to create dbf files from xls or xlsx files with Anysite

Product affected: Anysite™
In AnySite currently (9.1), the only supported formats for import are tab, dbf and txt.
Many user's do not have MapInfo Professional and frequently txt based tables have issues such as zipcodes importing as numeric fields or numeric fields importing as  character based, and both situations are problematic.

The dbf format seems immune to most of these issues but current versions of Office do not export to dbf any longer.

If a user has Access, try this - create a new empty database and then use the "External Data" > import section section to import your xls/xlsx file.
Then use the External Data > export section to export to "Dbase format (.e. dbf).


a. First row has column headings (note Dbase allows a maximum of 10 characters)

b. Remove any spaces and non-standard characters (!@#$%^&*()-+=|\{}[]:;"’<,>.?/) from column headings.

c. Remove any grid line styles

d. Remove any cell color/fill

e. Expand all rows and columns so the entire contents of each cell is visible on the screen

f. Maximum 254 columns

g. Maximun 65,000 rows

UPDATED:  September 18, 2017