How to determine the default values/options for ADDRPASS in Finalist

Products Affected:  Finalist
ADDRPASS options identify the format of the returned lines when using ADDRSCAN.  For example, Returned Line 1 can be specified as the first valid line from the top, the street address above the City line, PO Box above the City line, etc.  Detailed descriptions of these options can be found in the Finalist User's Guide. 

The system default for the returned line options is “95N”. To use the default value, pass “YES” or blanks for the Returned Line Options.

Returned Line                 Value                                 Description

1                                       9                                       Best street or box line from top. Otherwise, use the first firm or rural route line from the top.
2                                       5                                       First valid line above city line.
Special Option                 N                                       No special options.

UPDATED:  August 31, 2017