Resolve 'XML type xs:float does not handle scientific notation correctly' in EngageOne Designer



XML type xs:float does not handle scientific notation correctly. For example, the data field <bruttopraemie>1.25039444E6</bruttopraemie>, defined as xs:float the number is interpreted as a type 'number' with the value of '1.25'.


The ability to parse XML type xs:float containing scientific notation is not implemented prior to Designer versions 5.62394 and 6.01630.


UPDATED: August 22, 2017
This feature has been added in Designer release 5.6.2394 and 6.0.1630 hence upgrading to these or latest build of EngageOne Designer should help.
The “E” scientific notation is now supported in Number data type for use within input data.

Note: Scientific notations are not supported in variables, interactive data prompts or the interactive data Default value and any user entry field.