Incorrect font spacing for AFP and PCL Bitmap output when font styles are changed mid sentence in EngageOne Generate



When changing font style mid sentence (e.g. changing from Regular to Bold or Underlined), and the output font format for AFP or PCL is Bitmap, the spacing between words is unpredictable, usually resulting in the gap between words becoming too small to separate the words.


This issue occurs when using Windows fonts in EngageOne® Designer and creating AFP or PCL output using Bitmap fonts. When EngageOne Generate converts Windows fonts into Bitmap fonts, the spacing (kerning) is not calculated correctly for some text, usually when changing from standard to bold or underlined for example.


UPDATED: July 9, 2019
To resolve the issue follow these steps for AFP:
  1. Open the AFP device in use within EngageOne Designer
  2. In the "Settings" tab select "AFP Outline (FOCA Type1)" from the "Output format" drop down box
In the case that AFP Outline fonts cannot be used, the Bitmap fonts can be imported into Designer and used directly. This will mean that the metrics of the output are taken directly from the font, rather than being calculated from the Windows fonts by EngageOne Generate.

To resolve the issue follow these steps for PCL:
  1. Open the PCL output device within EngageOne Designer
  2. In the "Font" section of the output device, change the output font format from Bitmap to True type