Resolving Doc1 error LEM0364A Missing fonts

Products affected: Doc1, EMFE


Doc1 error LEM0364A Missing fonts


A font is missing from the master font metrics table.  An entry for font name 'AR06RP' supporting orientation 0 and rotation 0 could not be found in the master font metrics table.

The font, 'AR06RP', must be present in the Document Object Library. Even if this font is not being used in the application, during the build process, when the resource pack or fonts metrics is generated, a reference for all the fonts will be included in the ear file under the FontMap section.

The reason for this error is because DOC1EMFE cannot find the reference for this font in the Resource pack or in the font metric file.

This font may have been omitted during the build process. I suggest you re-build the rules, resource pack or font metric


UPDATED: August 31, 2017
Resolved by creating the metrics for the font.