Resolving the error in Discover "512 blocks is the limit" when trying to open a Surpac voxel model

Products affected: Discover™



When attempting to open a Surpac model file within Encom Discover, an error is shown stating that 512 blocks is the limit.


Encom Discover will currently only allow 1,610,612,736 bytes of memory to be used when opening a Surpac voxel model.

This model has the following attributes:

Rows = 512
Columns = 512
Planes = 512
Bands = 2

Based on the formula of: (rows * columns * planes * sizeof(float) * (bands*4)) - this model will require 4,294,967,296 bytes of memory.

Therefore, the model attempting to be opened is too large to be opened in Discover.


UPDATED: September 8, 2017
Here is a possible workaround:
  • (Recommended) Utilize the parent program from which the Surpac model was create to cut the model into smaller sections
  • Export the model to an ASCII model and attempt to import the newly created ASCII model into Discover