MSVCR100.dll error during the launch of MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


During the launch of MapInfo Pro, an MSVCR100.dll error is displayed.


This error is typically related to the Microsoft 2010 C++ Libraries that specific versions of MapInfo Pro utilize as a prerequisite for installation.
The error could occur due to a corruption of one or more of the libraries.
The error could also occur due to missing C++ libraries which typically occur when users install MapInfo Pro
via the .msi file and NOT the setup.exe (the setup checks for the needed pre-requisites for Pro to function and the .msi does not).


UPDATED: December 4, 2019
User with Admin Rights can try "repairing" the Microsoft 2010 C++ library via Control Panel>Program & Features.

Otherwise, uninstall the following software:
  • MapInfo Professional (do NOT transfer the license if prompted)
  • Microsoft 2010 C++  - all entries
(See the Install Guide for needed pre-requisites for various versions of MapInfo Pro)

Reinstall MapInfo Professional via the setup.exe, which will prompt for new installations of the prerequisite software packages, i.e.  Microsoft C++ Redistributables.

User's can download the 64-bit 2010 C++ libraries here
User's can download the 32-bit 2010 C++ libraries here