Resolving error at Discover startup "access to Discover TEMP folder is Read Only..."

Product affected: Discover™


When launching Discover, an error is thrown:

“Warning: The access permission on the Discover temp directory are read only.
Please change the access permission or the location of this directory before using Discover.
Failure to do so may produce serious errors.”


The error is occurring because the current user does not have sufficient Rights to the Discover TEMP folder.


UPDATED: September 8, 2017
This Issue is discussed in an article found at this link:

Warning: The access permissions on the Discover Temp directory are read only.


When I start Discover, I receive an error message "Warning: The access permissions on the Discover Tempdirectory are read only."


Simply click OK on this error.

The Discover Configuration Dialog will automatically open.

Click the "..." button next to the Temporary Files, and change the setting to Current User.
Also change the Configuration Files settings to Current user.

When prompted, select Yes to create the Config directory and copy the files.

The problem is now resolved

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