Resolve EngageOne Designer - Does not create the file in export Snapshot

Products Affected: EngageOne Designer
Product Feature: Utilities


EngageOne Designer 6.0.816 - Does not create the file in export-Snapshot

If you run an export from designer (version 6.0.816), it shows on screen no error message, but does not create any files:
Export Snapshot Dialog


Possible Causes:

Permissions Problem

SQL Server Problem (From KB 000002128)

Timeout too low

These are some of the possible causes of this. See the resolution for each of these below


UPDATED: May 25, 2018

Possible answers:

Permissions Problem:

Browse to you windows services and observe the Log on @user@ with which the SQL service is started. see the screenshot below:

I have been advised that sometimes with SQL 2008 this is been set to "Network service" which cause problem. By this I mean that whilst trying to perform the operation of snapshot, file are temporarily copied between the SQL database and the Filestore and the location you specify for the snapshot to be created.

Hence I would suggest that you start the SQL service with your account that has complete "admin" access?

SQL Server Problem (From KB 000002128):

Check the Event Log.

ErrorCode: -2146232060
Message: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'SourcePath', table '@tblIdentifiedItems'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

If this occurs, a SQL script is required to repair entries in the database tables.

Timeout too low

This could be fixed by modifying the "BusObj.config" (in the folder "DOC1\Designer\Server") to change the following timeoutvalue:
<!-- Database Command TimeOut (in seconds) -->
<add key="CommandTimeOut" value="600" />

Try first with 6000, then 60000.