Resolving the Anysite error: "Invalid identifier. Unresolved identifier "_TmpLink_Linked.Zip". (Err=1011) (table=_TmpLink)" when trying to display linked layer

Product affected: AnySite™


User has an .xls file of zipcodes and data.  User creates a database for this .xls and then links to zipcodes boundary table.
When added to a map preference, an error is thrown:
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Invalid identifier. Unresolved identifier "_TmpLink_Linked.Zip".  (Err=1011) (table=_TmpLink)


The error is occurring because the user's xls spreadsheet had a field with a space in the name: "Zip Code"
According to the AnySite  manual, tables and column names cannot have spaces or special characters::

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UPDATED: September 8, 2017
To resolve this issue, user must change the field name to remove the space, i.e. "ZIPCODE" instead of "ZIP CODE"