Resolving EngageOne Generate error when adding new record to the data dictionary

Products Affected: EngageOne Designer


Error: GEN0037W Accessing an uninitialized variable in publication


When a new field was added to a repeating group, and this field was used in a condition in the design, EngageOne Generate failed with invalid variable data errors.  Caused by using a field in a condition that is not part of the parent object.


UPDATED: August 28, 2017
When using repeating data objects, fields used within that object directly, must be part of the parent object.

Structure of the data must be complied to.


1000 - Parent Object - repeating group
   1001 - first child object
   1002 - second child object
   1003 - third child object
   1004 - fourth child object - repeating record

The error was cause by a field in the 1004 repeating parent object being used directly in the 1000 parent object